December 14th, 2010

Stargate Pyramid

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Sunday I made cookies with this recipe, and they are delicious. The batter almost broke my hand mixer, but I think it was so cold in the kitchen the butter's "room temperature" was still a little too hard. I used cocoa powder from this company (I think I must have got it the last time we went to Central Market in Houston) and it is fabulous.

We went with a friend last night to see The Warrior's Way, and I enjoyed it a lot. It's very much a samurai movie with a western surreal steampunkish flavor, and it was very romantic and then there was a bloodbath for like an hour. Bits of it are very grim, not for the children. Jang Dong-gun is extremely attractive, even when he's covered with blood.

We also saw a trailer for the Green Hornet. We're eventually hoping for some sort of edited compilation version, titled Kato and the Car.


Kate Elliot: Advice for Teen Writers: "I really have no idea about how to keep going." I think this post is helpful to all ages.