December 26th, 2010

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Hope everybody who was celebrating or at least not working had a great holiday! Our entire house smells like turkey grease, but it was worth it.

Friday our friend who is spending the weekend with us arrived and we met up with another friend and went out to drive around looking for a place to eat dinner. The first two places who specifically said they would be open weren't open, so we ended up at the traditional Christmas Japanese restaurant. We got there early enough to get a Hibachi table, before everybody else in town arrived. One of our friends had never done the Hibachi thing before, so that was fun. Our guy couldn't get the onion volcano to work but the food was excellent. Fried rice made fresh right there in front of you is a whole different world from buffets. I had some cold sake but managed not to get hopelessly drunk.

We went home and watched A Midwinter's Tale, which is a Kenneth Branagh movie about a group of actors putting on Hamlet as a benefit performance to save a church no one particularly wants to save. It's very funny, and has a lot to say for anybody who takes on and stays with an artistic career despite adversity.

Christmas morning we opened presents, and then I cooked (only one roaster burn on my arm, yay!) and then ate, and ate some more, then we sat around in the living room in front of the fireplace and watched Cadfael DVDs. (It did rain Friday, and then got really cold with a ferocious wind, so it was a good day for it.) Then we watched the Doctor Who holiday special (which was fabulous) and then the Graham Norton show. And that was our day.

Today we wanted to go see the new Colin Firth and Geoffrey Rush movie, The King's Speech, but it's not showing here yet, so I'm not sure what we're going to do.