August 13th, 2012

Stargate Monuments

Monday Report

Finished revisions on the short story and got it sent off to the editor again. I'm a little bit over halfway done with the revision to The Siren Depths -- that should be done by the end of the week, hopefully.

Other stuff I have out and coming out so far:

January 2012: The Serpent Sea Books of the Raksura #2
June 2012: "Revenants," in Tales of the Emerald Serpent
November 2012: "Donna Noble Saves the Universe" in Chicks Unravel Time non-fiction
December 2012: The Siren Depths Books of the Raksura #3
April 2013: Emilie and the Hollow World YA fantasy

Kitten Report:

Jack is still incredibly sweet and continues to grow like a bitey little weed:

Other people's books:

Queen's Hunt by Beth Bernobich, the sequel to Passion Play is out now. PW said Despite mutual mistrust, everyone works together in a masterful story of romance, honor, and a little bit of suspense, with plenty of history, geography, and mythology thrown in for good measure. This trip between the physical and magical realms is thrilling.

Powers by James Burton
Albert Johannson lives off the grid. He's forgotten more than he remembers about his past, but those snippets he's retained tell him two things: he's lived a long, looong time and he doesn't trust anyone, particularly gods. He's not any too fond of demons either, particularly the one that materializes in his kitchen wanting to hire him for a special mission.

James Burton also writes under the name James Hetley, and has a couple of discount ebook fantasies out: The Summer Country and The Winter Oak