October 12th, 2012

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It's Friday

It's Friday, so all you have to do is claw your way through the day until 5:00. Unless you have to work tomorrow. Or you're freelance and you have to work all the time.

We got rain late yesterday afternoon, and we're supposed to get more on Sunday. This is good, because after the drought and the fires last summer (and the drought that's predicted for next summer) we need all we can get.

* The GuysLitWire Book Fair for Ballou SR High School Library ends this Sunday, October 14, and there are still over 300 books on the list. There are a lot of manga and YA paperbacks on the list for $9.95 (these are great for kids who think they don't want to read, until they find something they want to read) and some hardcovers and paperbacks with great sale prices. If you can afford it, please think about sending a book; if you can't afford it, please pass the link on.

* James Enge: Aged in Oaken Heroes: Heroic Fantasy & Imagined History
In truth, what most people think of when they hear "medieval" is some sort of Neverneverland of knights in chrome armor clanking around in a thickly-beprincessed landscape that may or may not contain dragons. That Middle Ages certainly never existed, and few if any fantasy stories actually use such a setting.

* Neat art-photo technique: Artist's Little Planets Re-Imagine Houston, Galveston