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ericmarin posted that The Lone Star Stories Reader is now up for preorder on Amazon. It should be out on November 15. It's an SF/F anthology of stories reprinted from the Lone Star Stories Website, and I'm in it along with a bunch of other people. (ETA: and it's up for preorder on Barnes & Noble too.)

Like the web site, the anthology has a large number of women writers:

Introduction by Sherwood Smith
"Wolf Night" by Martha Wells
"Seasonal Work" by Nina Kiriki Hoffman
"'Janet, Meet Bob'" by Gavin J. Grant
"The Great Conviction of Tia Inez" by M. Thomas
"Angels of a Desert Heaven" by Marguerite Reed
"The Disemboweler" by Ekaterina Sedia
"A Night in Electric Squidland" by Sarah Monette
"Thread: A Triptych" by Catherynne M. Valente
"The Frozen One" by Tim Pratt
"Dragon Hunt" by Sarah Prineas
"Manuscript Found Written in the Paw Prints of a Stoat" by Samantha Henderson
"Giant" by Stephanie Burgis
"When the Rain Comes" by Josh Rountree
"The Hangman Isn't Hanging" by Jay Lake
"The Oracle Opens One Eye" by Patricia Russo


The Rosenberg Library web site is back up, and they have paypal donation buttons on the front page for both the general library fund and the children's library fund, to repair damage to the building by hurricane Ike. (ETA: There's also a note on there for people who'd like to donate books.)

My offer is still open:

If people were inclined to paypal or send them a check for $25 or more, and then let me know that you had done that, I would be happy to send you a signed and personalized hardcover copy of Wheel of the Infinite. (ETA: I sorted my closet yesterday and I do have some hardcovers of The Wizard Hunters, The Ships of Air, or The Gate of Gods if you want one of those.)

Or for a $10.00 donation you could choose a signed and personalized paperback copy of Stargate Atlantis: Reliquary or Stargate Atlantis: Entanglement. (Or both for a donation of $20.00)

Just drop me an email at msw at, and let me know what your donation was and when you sent it, which book you want, the name you want your book personalized with, and the address I should send it to.


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