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greylion and I did our early voting for Obama yesterday, yay! And morfin went to the early voting site on campus. There wasn't a line when we got to the courthouse, but that was near the end of the lunch hour. There were a couple people there ahead of us and a couple of people coming in as we were leaving. Morfin went early to the campus one, and by the time he left there was a line out the door and down the hall.

In bad news, I think my most recent stomach issues may mean I have an ulcer again. I've been having trouble off and on since the hurricane, so I suspect it may be stress-related. That's just a wild guess.

From the Galveston News: Dickens on the Strand will still be held this year:

Dickens on The Strand is the principal annual fundraising event of Galveston Historical Foundation, which administers numerous historic properties on the island and provides an array of services to residents.
For example, GHF has distributed truckloads of drywall to low- and moderate-income island residents to help them repair their hurricane-damaged homes.

It's December 6-7 and ticket information is on Dickens on the Strand

And thanks to tammylee for a Rosenberg Library Donation!

Oh, ericmarin said that The Lone Star Stories Reader is already available and shipping copies, and not just up for preorder.

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I really wish Missouri allowed early voting. It's going to be nuts on Nov. 4.

Dickens on the Strand looks so cool!

Thank you for offering!
And congrats on voting early. I will have my fingers crossed until your election is over. Then it's either business as usual or I sell everything and run for the mountains.

I'm glad Dickens on the Strand is happening this year. I imagine they can use the money from the fundraiser now more than ever.

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