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Stargate Monuments

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A couple of more links from Bill Page about FEMA's big promises and lack of delivery, and its "let them eat cake" attitude:

From http://www.kristv.com/Global/story.asp?S=9244280&nav=Bsmh

Williams' house on Rachal Street was flooded by the storm surge of Hurricane Ike six weeks ago. She's waiting for a FEMA trailer. "It's like we're homeless people," Williams said. "We don't usually live like this."

Last week, a FEMA official said anyone living in a tent or a car is there by choice. Orange County Judge Carl Thibodeaux, who has asked for 4,000 FEMA trailers, said Thursday he was going to complain to Washington about the statement. FEMA statistics show 116 trailers are in the county.

From Houston Chronicle:

AUSTIN - State leaders on Monday accused FEMA of insensitivity and foot-dragging in delivering mobile homes to help residents in hard-hit areas of southeast Texas recover from Hurricane Ike.

The lack of transitional housing has left residents living in tents and cars on their property. And when they complain, FEMA offers them a voucher for a motel room even though none are available in many areas, state officials said Monday at a legislative hearing.

Kevin Hamby, general counsel of the Texas Department of Housing and Community Affairs, said only about 200 families are living in FEMA trailers, even though the agency had promised 300 trailers a week would be coming into the counties affected by the hurricane.

Motel vouchers are impractical if they can only be used at lodging far away from an individual's work. "They have been extremely insensitive, in our opinion, to the concept that somebody cannot drive 100 miles a day to keep their job," said Hamby. "They don't seem to care much if we lose these communities down there."

And encorecrazay passed along this link from the Austin American Statesman, which is basically reporting the same thing.

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Oh, MAN.


Hi, I've been lurking for a while via alyciachristine, and been paying a lot of attention to your Ike posts since I work at UTMB. My coworkers and I were discussing this situation at lunch yesterday. Apparently there's a lot of back-and-forth over the trailers because they can't be placed on the island due to zoning or distance from the water or something like that, and there's some resistance from the communities on the mainland. Scuttlebutt is that the trailers, if they ever arrive, will be located somewhere around Hitchcock--and even that's not certain, since the mayors all want reassurance that the trailers will be removed before the start of next year's hurricane season, which has not been the case in post-Katrina Louisiana. It's putting UTMB in a bad position because a not-insignificant portion of the people who need to be re-homed are employees who relied on living within walking distance to the university, and whose homes are now unlivable due to flooding.

This whole situation is an enormous mess. Thank you for trying to keep awareness in the public eye.

It's just very frustrating, that you never seem to see anybody in the media talking about this. There's a lot of things people could do to help -- donate to the various restoration funds, buy tickets to Dickens on the Strand whether they mean to go or not, and so on, but if no one knows it's needed they aren't going to do it.

It's incredibly frustrating. On a forum I frequent (Something Awful, not a low-traffic forum in the least) people were commenting within a few days of Ike hitting how weird it was that it dropped out of the national news so fast. It's still all that's being reported in this area, with good reason. But from what I hear, it's been virtually forgotten anywhere that's not the Houston/Galveston/east Texas area. It's one of the reasons I've been glad to read your LJ. I have no idea what it is that I can do to help, because so few places have reported on anything other than "Look at this beach right here, these all used to be houses, now feel bad about it."

I wouldn't know about half of these recovery programs and donation funds if I didn't read your LJ--and I work on the island.

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