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Stargate Monuments

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It's NaNoWriMoMoMo this month, so if anybody has any writing questions, post them as a comment and I'll try to answer them. Past writing question posts are here.


Some of these are from Saturday, some are older:

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Oh, very cool! That looks like it was a lot of fun, and great weather for it, too.

It was really nice, not too hot. Oh, did you see the Halloween pictures I posted?

Nice! Niece and I will be there in a couple of weeks.

It was great. Though I wish we could have gone to the Austin Celtic festival, that sounded really nice, too.

Your pictures brought back some lovely memories from way back when I attended the Texas RenFest. Thanks for sharing! :)

Looks like a nice festival. The bleu de Gênes trousers in the last but one picture are, of course, authentic, but they date the wearers to the 1600s or later.

I go to Scarborough Faire every year (being in D/FW) but have never visited the Texas Ren Faire down there. I have to say, I think October/November might be a better than spring, and that place looks incredible. You've really piqued my interest.

The Renfair has been there so long, they've had a chance to do a lot of building on the site. It's huge and very elaborate.

(Deleted comment)
Glad you guys had a good time!

I haven't been to Ren Fest in far too long.

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