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More hurricane links:

Something Ike destroyed besides people and property was marshland. The saltwater flooded wetlands wildlife refuges, killing plants, animals, trees, birds, and destroying habitats:

Naturalist shocked, heartbroken over refuge damage - Houston Chronicle:
The refuge suffered a nightmarish assault from the hurricane, receiving not only a direct hit from the ferocious winds but a surge of seawater up to 18 feet that roared across the landscape.

I saw visitor facilities that were practically demolished, vegetation left dead or dying, freshwater marshes made almost lifeless by saltwater, and birds and other wildlife either dead or barely hanging on.

Coastal Erosion Destroying Marsh Habitat - Beaumont Enterprise:
Since Hurricane Ike destroyed sand dunes that protect marshes from saltwater intrusion, engineers and researchers are less concerned with the long-awaited rebuilding of the Texas 87 beachside road than with saving coastal marshes, which offer habitat to various species of plants, birds and marine life and can help to absorb dangerous storm surges that flood the coast.

And a story about the Univeristy of Texas Medical Branch: Galveston Daily News:
The briefing comes as the county’s largest employer is struggling to sustain a $70 million monthly payroll. With their offices and work places damaged, about 4,133 medical branch employees who are unable to fulfill their usual duties have received some “Adverse Weather Leave,” pay, according to the latest figures provided by the medical branch. Some of those employees may be working two or three days a week or not at all, officials say.

Last month, some powerful lawmakers stepped in to stop UT System officials from laying off 4,000 employees, some whose homes had been severely damaged by the hurricane. But that was just a reprieve. Lawmakers have yet to commit any money.

A more upbeat link: If you've been to Galveston, you might have seen the funky Yaga Clothing store. It lost all its inventory in the storm, but it is doing Hurricane Ike shirts, with 20% of the profits going to hurricane recovery efforts: Yaga Clothing. (They're out of mediums for the "Get Up - Stand Up" one.)

Don't forget Dickens on the Strand, which will be raising money for Post-Ike recovery. I'm going to buy tickets for it, even if we can't get down there that weekend.

And my offer of a free signed book for anybody who makes a Rosenberg Library Donation is still open.


Oh, and another abandoned places link from weburbanist: Spectacular Abandoned Hotels, Hospitals, and Churches

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A little more progress has been made physically, too: the boats have finally been moved off of I-45.

The ones in the parking lots off of the Strand are still mostly there, though.

Glad there's been a little progress.

Thank you for making this post. My company is working closely with the people of this area and we are so frustrated with how things are going. Every little bit helps. Thank you!

Thanks. :) It's really frustrating to see basically nothing in the national news about it.

We are working on the disaster recovery relief program. Due to security concerns I can't tell you much about what we do but I'm ready to pull my hair out at what I'm dealing with. No one is concerned about getting aid where it's needed, they're all concerned about making sure they keep their frick'n job.
I'm a little spun up about this subject.
We will be seeing more in the national news soon, I can promise you that.

I'd like to thank you, Martha! The books arrived save and sound and now I have a great present for my friend. It's wonderful to see creators coming up with ways to raise funds to hep.

Glad they got there okay! And I hope she enjoys them. :)

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