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Stargate Monuments


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Stargate Monuments

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From the Beaumont Enterprise: Bridge City Might be a Disaster Area But For Many Folks It's Still Home:
A few blocks away, Betty Head, 63, and her husband have made a camp in their garage on David Street. "We didn't have anybody to live with, and we couldn't find any place to rent," Head says.

"Camp David" is not only their temporary home but has also become a local gathering place for friends, family and neighbors. Canvas folding chairs are the furniture that sit on the other side of a makeshift wall for the "bedroom" with an inflatable mattress.

They contacted FEMA five weeks ago for a trailer but were denied because of their location. Now, the agency is saying trailers will be allowed in their area, but Head and her husband, Edmund Loper, 63, are at the bottom of the list.


I'm hoping to get the car fixed today, so cross your fingers for me that the insurance pays for it.

Couple of more links:

jimhines is having his annual book donation drive for the local domestic violence shelter.

Via arcaedia: Buy a Book, Save the World. Any book, paperback, fiction, non-fiction. For yourself, for a Christmas gift. Also from agent Nathan Bransford: Tough Times and the Publishing Industry. I'm a big believer in bookstore gift cards for Christmas gifts and will probably do a lot of that this year.

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I have a standing "policy" that the only gifts I buy my nieces and nephews are books. Heck, they all have more toys than they could ever use. One brother-in-law and his wife in particular have told me repeatedly how much they appreciate this.

One of my favorite Christmas memories from when my nephew was little was when I got him a Bruce Coville book, and he sat in the middle of the sea of wrapping paper and started reading it right there.

The LA Times had an article on gift cards recently. With so many businesses going bankrupt, your GC might very well be worthless after Christmas. They suggest that it's really better to give cash.

Yep, you really have to check the news and make sure the company isn't in too much trouble.

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