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Book Recs

I'm looking for something to read, so rec me books! New books, or books that are about to come out, including your own books. Comment with title, author, and why you liked it/are looking forward to it.

ETA: Fantasy, mystery, science fiction, romance, it's all good.
ETA2: And historical fiction or non-fiction!

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I'll veer off the fantasy - sf trail for a bit and recommend a couple books I've enjoyed.

Team of Rivals by Doris Kearns Goodwin. One of the best books about Lincoln, ever. Brilliant narrative and chewy political goodness. Not a dry scholarship paper but a vibrant, page-turning epic.

Guns of August by Barbara Tuchman. One month that led to the War to end All Wars. Moves effortlessly between the macro and micro, giving equal time to geopolitical forces and personal ambitions.

If you like more in-depth history and political maneuvering, I'd also suggest A History of Venice by John Julius Norwich. Entertaining, though it kind of fizzles out towards the end (as did Venice). Great one-volume view of how to affect neutrality amidst warring neighbors and countries.

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