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Book Recs

I'm looking for something to read, so rec me books! New books, or books that are about to come out, including your own books. Comment with title, author, and why you liked it/are looking forward to it.

ETA: Fantasy, mystery, science fiction, romance, it's all good.
ETA2: And historical fiction or non-fiction!

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The Even by T.A Moore (My supersekrit disguise. Shhhh, don't tell anyone)

A dark urban fairy tale that Elaine Cunningham described as a 'grim little fable'. With over 20 internal illustrations by fantasy artist Stephanie Law.

You can get it from the publisher's site or through Amazon.


...pimp over :)

C.S. Harris' mysteries set in Regency England are my current most frequent recs.


(Deleted comment)
Her work is just beautiful. I was thrilled to get her to work on my novel. I love the illustrations she did for it, they just captured the atmosphere of it perfectly.

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