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Book Recs

I'm looking for something to read, so rec me books! New books, or books that are about to come out, including your own books. Comment with title, author, and why you liked it/are looking forward to it.

ETA: Fantasy, mystery, science fiction, romance, it's all good.
ETA2: And historical fiction or non-fiction!

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Books I read recently that I really liked were "Flesh and Spirit" and "Breath and Bone" by Carol Berg (I rattled on about the first book here, but the main reason I liked them both in a nutshell is that they're really fun fantasy adventure stories with a wry, interesting POV character).

Also, the Kitty Norville books by Carrie Vaughn are really great. The main character is a werewolf, and a great female protagonist (always nice to find). The first book left me a little uncomfortable due to some of Kitty's self-confidence and powerlessness issues, but what I especially liked about the subsequent books was that it was clear that having to deal with those issues in the first book caused Kitty to reevaluate herself and her life and assert her strength of personality/will/etc. She becomes a really awesome (and complex) protagonist very quickly. Plus rest of the cast of characters are neat and interesting.

"Temples, Tombs and Heiroglyphs" is an *immensely* fun book about Egypt by Barbara Mertz. Her Amelia Peabody style carries over into her non-fiction writing.

One of my favorite non-fiction books ever is "A World Lit Only By Fire: The Medieval Mind and the Renaissance" by William Manchester. Interesting and engaging read.

I'm about to read a book by Charles de Lint called "The Onion Girl;" have you ever read anything by him, or that book in particular? I'm wondering if I'm going to enjoy it...

I second the Kitty Norville books. Great fun.

I haven't read de Lint because he usually does more contemporary settings, and I usually go for created world or historical setting fantasy. But he's one of Troyce's favorite writers. And I've met him a couple of times and he's a really nice guy.

You probably wouldn't like the Kitty books, then; they're definitely contemporary. But the books I mentioned by Carol Berg are historical fantasy, you might like those...

You also might like Blue Moon Rising by Simon R. Green. I've had a somewhat hard time getting into his urban fantasy novels, but this one is straight-up fantasy (princes and castles and dragons and magic and stuff) and it sucked me right in. The hero is abjectly reluctant, the dragon is not what the hero expected, and the damsel isn't so much distressed as running low on patience... I think there is a sequel floating around in out-of-print-land, too, and I keep meaning to track it down, because I'd really like to read more of Rupert's story.

Also, Brokedown Palace by Steven Brust -- have you read that? I can't remember if it was you or someone else on my flist who had read it. But it's good. Really fascinating characters; a lot of palace intrigue, but also a lot of adventure and fantastical stuff too.

(Also, I'm totally bookmarking your post. What a fantastic bunch of recs! Whee!)

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I think Onion Girl might be a Newford story? When I was at the bookstore I was looking through the books of his that were in stock and I got a little confused -- most of them seemed to be part of one overall 'universe' but I couldn't figure out quite where Onion Girl fit in, as far as timeline.

The reason I chose it instead of any of the others, though, was that there was a sequel sitting on the shelf next to it. I could at least tell that the two of them went together, even if I couldn't exactly tell which of the others went together (if that makes sense)... But the blurb on the back does mention Jilly being from Newford.

I'll have to look into the two you mention really liking. Thanks for the recs!

Widdershins is a sequel to Onion Girl.

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