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Book Recs

I'm looking for something to read, so rec me books! New books, or books that are about to come out, including your own books. Comment with title, author, and why you liked it/are looking forward to it.

ETA: Fantasy, mystery, science fiction, romance, it's all good.
ETA2: And historical fiction or non-fiction!

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Heee. It's very very difficult sitting around waiting for the next Joe Abercrombie series to begin and the next Scott Lynch book to come out! I am getting very impatient! What is this Black Company?

Epic fantasy from the point of view of a band of mercenaries. I'd be really surprised if Abercrombie hasn't read them: his group of Northmen (the Dogman, Black Dow, etc.) reminded me very much of the Black Company. Steven Erikson also acknowledges Cook as a huge influence.

The later books run out of steam, in my opinion, but I agree with tom_gallier that the first three are excellent (and they stand alone just fine). Conveniently, there's an omnibus available. :-)

Awesome, thanks for the link :)

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