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Writer Beware has some good links on how not to get taken by vanity publishers, both by Marian Perera:
Five Misconceptions About Vanity Presses
Justifying Upfront Fees:
I soon found Tate Publishing, which charges $4000 and still has authors willing to defend the practice of charging fees. Tate doesn’t count as many victims as PA does, but the correspondingly larger cost makes up for this.


News from the hurricane front continues bad:

From AP:
AUSTIN, Texas (AP) - The University of Texas Medical Branch in Galveston, a teaching hospital severely damaged by Hurricane Ike, will lay off about 3,800 workers - nearly a third of its work force - because it is running out of money.
Ike caused nearly $710 million in losses to the hospital when it struck the Texas coast in September and officials have said insurance covered only about $100 million of that.

And the fallout from this at the Beaumont Enterprise:
"Medically speaking, we have a lot of serious cases that cannot be seen because of this problem with UTMB, and I don't see it being corrected in the near future," said Dr. Cecil Walkes, director of the Jefferson County Health Authority. "If UTMB cuts back to just a community hospital, it's going to be a disaster for those counties that refer patients down there."

UTMB will release next week what positions will be cut. The obstetrics ward, which treats high-risk pregnancies from across the state, has continued to operate, as well as the research portions of the complex.

For poor Texans considered "indigent," 160 of the state's 254 counties use the UTMB system for affordable health care.
"This is going to be devastating to every county, not just to our county," Alfred said.
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