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I'm going to be making an apple pie for Thanksgiving tomorrow, and basically getting ready for 1500-3000 calories of turkey and stuffing and assorted goodness.

Happy Thanksgiving to everybody who's celebrating!

links from weburbanist:

100+ of world's rare plants and animals. My favorite is the flower that's big enough to eat your head.

Green architecture and technology. There's some lovely SF&Fnal designs here.

art link: Kinuko Y. Craft

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Thanks for the plant links...(I recently saw the Bat Flower offered in a plant catalog...but can't think of why I'd need a foot wide spooky flower in my yard.)

A very happy thanksgiving to you, too!

Have a wonderful thanksgiving yourself!

happy thanksgiving to you! (i'm baking my desserts tonight as well :))

The black bat flower is gorgeous. If my mother lived a little further south I'd get a three or four for her to put in her yard.

I wonder if I can convince her to retire to Florida and start a garden there ;-) ?

Happy Thanksgiving to you too!

Apple pie is always a good thing to have on hand. :)

Have a great Thanksgiving!

I on the other hand am lazy and bought my pie. :-(

(Have a great holiday!)

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