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Shopping went pretty well yesterday, and it didn't seem any more crowded than a normal weekend shopping day. Williams Sonoma came through with the free samples - hot chocolate, apple cider, gingerbread cake and peppermint bark. (For peppermint bark addicts, World Market also sells it, cheaper and in the same old timey candy tin box.) And our quest for the fabulous sale was fulfilled.

We also went to Murder by the Book, and I got Lillian Stewart Carl's book The Secret Portrait. I've been a fan of hers for a long time. She also edited The Vorkosigan Companion which just came out, which I hope I get for Christmas. (Lois McMaster Bujold posted on her Myspace page that some of the copies have a binding error, so if you pick it up in a store, check pages 24-58 to make sure there's not another book inserted in there.)

Murder by the Book is also hosting a signing by Kinky Friedman today, so it should be busy over there.

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I can't get past gingerbread cake. Yum!

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