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Okay, you must read this article on the Black Gate web site by Ryan Harvey: The Spider Returns! Villains, Pray for Your Deaths! about the reissue of some of the old Spider pulp novels by Norvell Page. No, I hadn't heard of them before, either.

The Spider is the grotesque alter-ego of rich playboy and amateur sleuth Richard Wentworth. Decked out with fangs, a fright-wig, twin automatics, and a trick cigarette lighter to brand his eight-legged mark onto the foreheads of his victims, Wentworth takes on the Spider’s identity to combat crime far beyond anything the ordinary forces of law and order can handle. In each story, Wentworth lunges into battle with diabolic forces bent on the destruction of New York, the Eastern Seaboard, or all of the United States. Sleuthing doesn’t feature strongly in Wentworth’s Spider-work. His modus operandi consists of gunning down legions of heartless, murderous foes in as graphic a fashion possible. Imagine the Punisher if he had Bruce Wayne’s money, Dracula’s wardrobe, and was coming to the end of two week bender, and you have something that approximates the Spider on an average weekday evening.

Seriously, Hell's Sales Manager.

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No, I hadn't heard of them before, either.

Funny, they're mentioned in the book I'm currently reading (F. Paul Wilson's Jack: Secret Histories).

That sounds.... rather more awesome than I'd actually expected. I may need to take a closer look at those books.

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