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Couple of links:

John Scalzi has a Suggest Some Books for the Holidays Post and also a post on Publishing Asks Why It Is In a Rapidly Descending Handbasket.
That said, these are gruesome times for publishing, and a lot of folks are not as well-positioned as I am. Imprints have vaporized, layoffs have begun, and it’s better-than-even odds that a number of authors and books are going to get shaved off of publishing lists. 2009 is also likely to be a singularly lousy time to be an aspiring debut author, as publishing houses consolidate their lists and focus their resources on established avenues (i.e., spend their money on people who are already bestsellers) rather than seeking out new folks. Basically, life’s gonna suck in publishing for the next year or possibly two.

Here's an article about Abby Albrecht, who was known on LJ as tv_elf, and passed away on November 30: Dances with Penguins. The article has been linked to by Wil Wheaton.

In Galveston, The Strand webcam is back up. They've done an incredible clean-up job getting ready for this weekend. (See my post here on Dickens on the Strand. If you can't contribute to hurricane Ike relief, please pass the info on.)

SGA tonight = only bright spot in my day.

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WOW am i glad you mentioned SGA

I told myself it wasn't new this week. We just got Sci-fi HD too. Now my day is good. (except I miss Carter.) I want Carter in HD fixing things and beating up alien bad guys.

Re: WOW am i glad you mentioned SGA

Cool, glad I mentioned it!

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