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Stargate in Distance

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New Kitty is at the vet today today to get fixed, so hopefully that will be a very routine and boring surgery. After everything that happened with Spike, I'm still edgy about taking the animals in for anything but shots. I still hate to drive by the A&M Vet Hospital.

Otherwise new Kitty is settling in very well. So far she's broken a lamp, a pottery cup, and a potted plant.

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Very pretty! Congrats on new kitty.

Obviously she knows how to pose. ;o)

She really does. And she's the only cat who doesn't mind the flash on the camera.

Awww, good luck to New Kitty. I know she'll be fine, but one does always worry until they come home.

Yeah, I called and they said she's fine, but I still can't wait to go pick her up.

Wow. She has gorgeous coloring!

She really does, and she's incredibly soft, too.

Cats and full bookshelves...what more could you want in your house? :)

Yep, that's a perfect combination. :)

Beautiful cat! Do they keep spays overnight at your animal hospital?

Thanks! They let them go late in the afternoon, though they do give you some oral pain medication to give them for the next couple of days.

Ooh, pilling cats is always fun! ;) I worked as a veterinary assistant through college, and have some fond (and not so fond) memories of the cats I met there. I hope she's a good sport about it, and is feeling better in no time. :D

Fortunately they gave me the medication as a liquid, probably because they remember how lousy I am at pilling cats. :)

She's lucky she's so cute. :) I understand the fear, but she's healthy and strong. She'll be fine. Anything else is just unacceptable.

Thanks :) I just picked her up about a half hour ago, and she's fine, which is a huge relief.

She's a really nice kitty. :)

(Deleted comment)
Thanks! :) We named her Tasha, but some days it might as well be Shiva.

I'm sure the lamp, the cup and the plant all had it coming. You should talk to the rest of your breakables and tell them to back down in any direct kitty confrontations.

She's definitely the world cat champion of breaking stuff. :)

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