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It snowed here last night. That doesn't usually happen. What we normally get is fairly mild weather up until February, where there's usually one vicious ice storm, and that's it for winter. I doubt it'll stay around long, because it just doesn't feel that cold out there. Freaky.

I took pictures, hopefully I'll be able to get them off the camera and post them later.

Kitty is back home and doing fine, which is a relief, though the pain medication is the kitty equivalent of being hopped up on goofballs.

art link: Edmund Dulac Lush fairytale illustrations.

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Though it's confusing to the other cats


One of our cats ended up with a name that is not the name we gave him. Insidious nicknames...

John is so pretty in your icon.

He really is. I'm going to miss that show so much.

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