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The helpvera comm still has open auctions of lots of cool stuff to help save author Vera Nazarian's house, and is still collecting money to finish getting her sewer line fixed so it's not a huge health hazard.

It's the kind of week where you just give up and post kitty pictures:

Tasha (new kitty) grooming Harry against his will

"You're my boyfriend now."

Tasha, Harry, and Bella

And we had snow.

It actually snowed again, harder, and for over an hour later that day. I counted five snowmen on the way to the grocery store.

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Sweet kitties! They're beautiful.

Did you get much snow on the streets? Or was this the kind you can just enjoy on the lawn?


There wasn't much on the street at all, so it was like all the fun part of snow with none of the hazards. :)

So jealous ! We got sleet w/ just a teeny bit of snow mixed in around 1 am when the kids were already asleep. That's cool that you guys got more in the afternoon. Kitties know their place...the comfy-pillows!!

We got just enough sleet that I had to scrape it off the car yesterday morning. Houston and New Orleans got the real snow this time.

The weather guy mentioned last night that every year that Galveston is hit by a hurricane, Austin gets snow in December. (Which is very rare for us.)

FArther north, we ended up with a crunchy layer of sleet instead....oh well.

They're just like our old cat/new kitty combo. The fact that they both like to lick each other, and they both like to wrestle means we get to see some disturbing scenes between Kitten and his older mentor.

Harry looks a little long suffering.

Harry hates cats. And dogs. And humans.

Aww kitties! I had to look harder for the third cat in the last picture *g*

Tasha's such a pretty little thing. :) And Harry looks so...tolerant. :D

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