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The French edition of The Gate of Gods from l'Atalante (translated by Anne Belle, cover by Amandine Labarre) is going to be available late next month, on and other French retail outlets. Yay!

My auction for the helpvera comm (for signed hardcover copies of The Wizard Hunters, The Ships of Air, and The Gate of Gods) is still going on, and ends December 20, Saturday.

I think I have everything done for Christmas except the 1) shopping for Christmas dinner food and 2) waiting for stuff I ordered last week to finally show up in the mail. I may do the shopping part today, since it's rainy but back up into the 70s, so I won't freeze my ass off.

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Oh, good! I like her translations!

I got to meet her when I went to France, and she's a really wonderful person, too.

That must have been an interesting conversation ;o)

It really is. I've really loved all the covers he's done.

Thanks! I can't wait to get my copies of the book.

Nice cover. Looks like there was some influence from that great Donato cover from the American edition.

He did the same scene, but I like seeing it from a different direction, too.

I noticed that. It looks good!

It is pretty. Nice to know the book is available elsewhere.

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