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Finally saw "TCM Remembers," the short that Turner Classic Movies does every year at this time listing the actors, directors, writers, and other industry people who died during the year, and they had Arthur C. Clarke included as a screenwriter, and Forry Ackerman as a film historian. It was good to see them acknowledged in there with everyone else.

I am watching the "Crime Doctor" film series, and it's now the one where the Crime Doctor gets blinded when a bullet somehow nicks his optic nerve without, you know, plunging through his brain. To paraphrase Jane Austen, I won't sport with your intelligence by describing it further.

It's in the 60s-70s right now but is supposed to be in the 30s before tonight, so that should be some fun for my sinuses. I need to get a couple more little things but I'm mostly done for Christmas, except for the wrapping, cooking, etc. My sister and brother-in-law sent us a really nice gift basket with fancy cookies, fudge, more fudge, and other goodies. That will come in handy.

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The optic nerve has no mylin (sp?) sheath, which makes it very delicate. I hope he doesn't regain his sight? Because the thing is, once the optic nerve is damaged, there's no repairing it.

Ah science, we hardly knew ye...

It seems like we lost so many this year. Did they include Majel Barrett?

I hope y'all are staying in with hot cocoa or something for the big freeze. I'll be out doing a nativity interactive adventure because I'm insane!

They didn't have her on it -- I think it started running around the first week of December.

Yikes, I hope it wasn't too bad out there! That wind was really freezing.

The cold was pretty brutal but everyone had a great time!

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