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Happy inauguration day!

Now I need to figure out the station with the least annoying commentators so I can watch it.


Damage From Hurricane Ike Threatens Seawall: Ike left so little sand to shield the Seawall's base that the underpinnings could corrode or wash away, causing the 17-foot-high concrete structure to collapse.
Ike pounded the seawall with waves and debris for at least 12 hours, damaging pavement, causing sinkholes along the sidewalk on top of the wall and swallowing up the protective beach.

The Seawall maintained its structural integrity, but will require the first major repair job in its 105-year history, said Harrison Sutcliffe, chief of the engineering branch of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers' Galveston office.

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least annoying commentators
Good luck with that...

I'm streaming C-Span for that very reason.

I am going to second C-Span. No commentators.

cnn announcers are a tad annoying

Before Obama arrived they just kept saying, today isn't about Obama becoming president, it is about a black man becoming president. Over and over again. Well, it IS about Obama becoming president. I certainly didn't vote for an historic moment, I voted for a competent president.

CNN kept rebuffering too much for me to check online. Surprisingly, the best stream I got was from local station kbtx. It used windows media and rarely had any pauses or lag. Shocking, since the station basically is powered by a lazy squirrel on a treadmill and staffed by people who can't get a job elsewhere.

My favorite online comment regarding the inauguration: "Now Bush can go back into screensaver mode." My line: Washington has just taken out the trash and shipped it to Dallas.

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