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The state of my cats:

Tasha, the kitten we got during the hurricane, has been suffering from kitty diarrhea. Sunday morning Tasha had a partial outside-the-box incident, or possibly an inside-the-box miscalculation of distance, and the first hour of the morning was consumed with cleaning the bathroom floor and lower walls. Bella felt unloved and threw up on the bed, so then there was laundry. All before 9:00 am.

So that was fun. I took Tasha to the vet on Monday, where she hissed a lot, which she hadn't done before. I reminded the vet of the time Harry opened the feral cat carrier from the inside and tried to eat her. (This was the substitute vet, not Dr. Scamardo. Dr. Scamardo just mans up, wades in with a towel, and wrestles Harry to the ground.) (Sometimes Harry wins. The last time I dropped him off at the vet, I came back to find Harry had seized control of one of the only two exam rooms.)

Anyway, I got antibiotics for Tasha, and spent all day yesterday feeling like a terrible person because I can't pill a cat, but finally got the second dose of the medicine down her. Today was it was much easier (I used the put-the-pill-in-the-soft-treat trick a friend recommended) and she seems to be much better now. :knock on wood:

Harry, who has kidney disease, has decided he really likes to drink fresh water off the floor of the shower. To remind us of this, he screams like a banshee anytime anyone goes near the bathroom. Based on advice from some of you guys, I started giving him electrolytes, and I think that has done him quite a bit of good.

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::chuckling:: How can anyone resist clicking on a cut that mentions kitty diarrhea? Too tempting. ;o)

Hopefully tomorrow will run more smoothly.

Thanks, I really do too. I can use a day where all the cats' bodily fluids either stay inside the cats or land in the litter box. :)

May all the fluids reside in their appropriate locations then... ;)

Okay, after reading the first two paragraphs I can't stop laughing and I have tears running down my face.

...just got to the last paragraph, increased laughing.

I'm sorry! It's just. The way you describe them. *dies*

I forgot to add that the entire time I was trying to clean the bathroom, Harry kept coming in wanting the shower.

FWIW, I have a cat with kidney disease. For the first four years of his life, I fed him Science Diet Urinary Health, at about three dollars a pound. Then everyone in my area stopped carrying it. My old vet closed down. The new vet I went to carried different prescription diet line. More about kitty diarrhea. So we tried pills. We sliced 'em, mashed 'em stuck 'em in a stew... and kitty still managed to eat around them. There's a paste, which also worked not. (Instead of licking it off, he'd rub the offended paw on the carpet until it was clean. His paw, that is.)

So I said to New Vet, "What else?" He suggested a finding a commercial cat food with less than 3% ash. Dad's Urinary Tract Health formula has no ash at all, and is much cheaper than any prescription food or med. And he's been healthy ever since.

He's also fond of water right out of he faucet...

I've seen several other cats do that with faucets; the water just must taste fresher like that.

I don't know whether it tastes fresher or not, but my newly acquired kittens prefer to drink water out of almost anything other than their bowl. Including the toilets, the dog's water bowl, the glass I keep by my bedside…

Yep, when I set my tea on the bedside table, they try to drink that. That's all I need, cats high on caffeine and sugar. :)

Kitties! Oh, kitties. (the icon, ha!)

Oh man, Indiana is starting to sound like Harry. When I took Indy in after he escaped, and he was a total pill, I thought it was because of the stress from that. Oooooooh no. He had to go in the other weekend for shots, and it was an absolute disaster.

My sweet baby who would never hurt a fly except by sitting on him (he's still 17 pounds!) turned into a feral monster. We couldn't get him back in the crate. We couldn't touch him. We couldn't walk in front of him. He pooped all over the exam table, then wouldn't let us get the messy towel away. The tech left me alone with him, and he still wouldn't let me near him. It took over 15 minutes to get him back in the crate, and that involved taking the crate apart, throwing his pink baby sling (see icon) over his head and body, scruffing him through the material and dragging him into the bottom half of the crate, getting the lid on, and carefully pushing the bits of material that got caught in the opening through without getting our hands sliced open. As it was, he got me twice, and the tech once.

It was actually pretty funny, in an OMG I DON'T BELIEVE THIS kinda way. He was in full-out attack mode -- ears pinned all the way back, body flattened down to the table, all teeth showing, yowling full volume, striking out at anything that came within range (thank goodness I'd trimmed his claws a couple of days before!), and he had both of us backed up against the wall.

Next time he goes in? I'm wearing leather work gloves and asking for kitty-valium.

Ack, I wonder what changed. Harry has been this way pretty much since he changed from kitten to male cat, and being fixed really didn't slow him down a bit. I think they act up once, and then it just becomes a habit, and there's not much you can do about it.

And then we get home, and within 10 minutes, he's all over me demanding love and attention.

Mr. Hyde has left the building!

Tales of Kitty Diarrhea!

I babysit my neighbours cats when they go away. Lovely cats, loving, friendly and sweet. They are also neurotic and get stress diarrhea when their people go away. Which would be bad enough if they'd use the litter but that would be too easy. No, last time they pooped on top of the radiators, in a slipper and in - for some reason this was the most disgusting of all - the bowl of pot pourri in the conservatory.

I'm sorry, but to this day you will not convince me that the pot pourri was anything but spite on their part.

Re: Tales of Kitty Diarrhea!

Yes, I'm convinced that sometimes they just do it because they know it makes you crazy. Harry had a long period of going outside the box a couple of months ago, and now I think he was just mad because we'd gotten a kitten.

My aunt's got a cat with bad kidneys, and twice a week she puts the cat in the sink, hooks up an IV, and fills her with saline solution. This results in a big, comical lump for a few hours. The cat puts up with it perfectly fine, and it's been keeping her alive for three years now.

So, those electrolytes - where did you get them? There is literally not a liquid surface that is safe in this household. The shower, the toilet, my tea, merryish's coffee... I was sure the hyperthyroidism had flared again, but all the blood tests came back normal!

In the baby food section at the grocery store; there's Pedialyte and some generics. Harry drinks my tea, too, and I think Tasha learned it from him.

I have some specially designed kitty probiotics, I can send home via your hubby this weekend.

Ooh, that would be great! Thank you!

(((HUGS))) No one should have to do that much clean up that early in the morning. I'm glad Tasha is feeling better.

Harry reminds me of my kitty. Last time we took her in we could hear the battle raging in the back room. From the calls for bandages I got the impression Katy was winning. She also likes bath water and is quite put out if we skip the tub and she has no fresh bath water to lap up. Never mind the water in her bowl.

I think Tasha imprinted on Harry and learned to like water from him. She rushes after him whenever he goes in the shower, and she's been curious about the bathtub to the point where she's fallen in a couple of times.

Our most recent addition, saved from a Lowe's parking lot, had a bunch of incidents early on. No dairy and treatment for tapeworms fixed it, fortunately. What a mess, though.

Yeah, it was a nightmare. The antibiotics took care of it right away, though.

There's a new antibiotic out for cats and dogs called Convenia - it's a 14 day shot - one shot is a 14 day dose. It isn't broad spectrum enough for everything - but when it works it works. If your cat can't tolerate (or you can't insert) antibiotics orally it is a wonderful thing. It isn't much more expensive than the liquids or pills.

regarding pilling technique - I never had luck with drugs in food - the cats always would avoid the drug - my usual strategy has been kneel behind the cat with cat mouth pointing away. hold cat with left hand, pop pill into mouth from right side rear and aim toward the back - preferably with cat chin elevated. After you think the cat swallowed get its mouth open again as that will often stimulate an involuntary swallow which prevents the "hold this pill in my mouth then spit it out strategy" at least most of the time. If you can use a food treat afterward as a bribe that's probably good too.

There are cat water fountains that aren't very expensive and work well for cats that prefer moving water.

Kidney Diet foods are not the same as urinary diet (intended to prevent urinary tract infections and the formation of cat kidney / bladder crystals) Kidney diet foods are lower in protein as that takes some load off the kidneys. As the disease progresses the cat will eat less or be more picky about food - it's better to give him what he likes even if it isn't an optimal food.

I hope this helps at least a little.

Thanks for the tips! Fortunately, Tasha scarfs soft treats so fast that she didn't notice the pills. I think that'll work with her as long as the pills are small. (And I can always break them up if they aren't.) If she needs antibiotics again I'll definitely ask about the Convenia -- that sounds much easier.

And yeah, after a while Harry stopped eating the kidney diet food -- it's chicken flavored and he's always liked strong fish flavors, like tuna. So we decided to just give him the food he likes instead. He has been eating less, but at least he eats more of it than the k/d.

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