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Stargate Monuments

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From eldritchhobbit: artist M.S. Corley redesigned the Harry Potter book covers to look like the old Penguin Books covers.

Neat stuff from WebUrbanist: Seven Urban Wonders of the Modern World

art link: Ciruelo Cabral Hit the "gallery" tab, then the "tour" button toward the bottom right, and you can click through the art.

And if you need to see something cute this morning: Susan Van Camp Kitties, lots and lots of kitties.

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Holy cow, I just remembered I have a Susan Van Camp original of a winged puppy. I wonder where it is..... I can only hope it just didn't get unpacked from our move (5 years ago; how embarrassing!).

I think that was the first piece of convention art I ever bought. It was at a small convention in Fargo, North Dakota.

Oh, those HP book covers are cool.

That skinny house is crazy. I don't think I could live there, I'd feel claustrophobic with the walls always so close on either side of me. o_o

Yeah, I don't think I could deal with that either.

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