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Got to ConDFW yesterday, did a reading, met up with people including stina_leicht and then it was all about the Indian food. We went to a fantastic restaurant on Coit Road called the Madras Pavilion, which we managed to find despite the directions on the iPhone and the fact that the sign wasn't lit. It was south Indian cuisine, really really good.

The new con hotel is nice, lots more room for the dealer's room, etc.

Today I have three panels, so it should be pretty busy.

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How I wish I were there!

Mmmmmm.... Indian food....

I was the one to find the restaurant using an ap on my iPhone, and knowing Martha loves Indian suggested it. My good deed, as most do, slapped me in the face. It was vegetarian only. So I had a nice piece of bread. Fortunately on the drive up to Dallas that day I pigged out at Cracker Barrel, so my whining was kept to a minimum.

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