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Back home from ConDFW! But for some reason this morning I got a shoulder/neck spasm that is trying to turn me into the Hunchback of Notre Dame, so I'll do the con report a little later, when the pain medication starts to work.

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Ow! Feel better. I know some good low-impact shoulder exercises, but it's kind of hard to describe them in words alone.

An easy one is to put your hand flat on a table and slide it away from you right to the point it starts to hurt. Do that about ten times, then sit sideways, and slide it out to the side the same way.

Ouch! Get a heating pad and relax.

Yep, I did that most of the evening, and it really helped.

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Thanks, I had a great time! :)

Still hurty? Remember, Dr. Merlot and Dr. Chardonnay can be remarkably effective muscle relaxers. Great to hang with y'all at the con.

Yoga exercise--
Keep shoulders level. Tilt left ear toward left shoulder. Place left palm over right ear. DO NOT PULL. Just let weight of left hand/arm help stretch out the sterno-cleido-mastoid. Tilt chin toward sternum for a gently stretch of the trapezius. Repeat on right side.

It was great to see y'all too! I'm a lot better this morning, but I think I'll definitely be opening a bottle of wine tonight.

Oh yeah. I left out that you reach OVER your head to place the left palm on the right ear.

Glad to hear you're feeling better.

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