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I got some good news the other day: I've been invited to be a guest at WriterCon. It's July 31-August 2, in Minneapolis, Minnesota.
Above all else, Writercon is a gathering of writers, poets, editors, and fans of writers, poets, and editors. Some will come to learn how to write better fan fiction, some will come to learn about how to make the leap from fan fiction to original fiction, some will come just to gab with fellow neuroticswriters for hours on end. Yay!

Cat update: I bought Harry one of those kitty drinking fountains on Tuesday and he's actually been using it. That's good, because we separated him from the other cats when we left for the weekend (his anger issues were getting a little out of control) and our friend who was petsitting didn't think he drank much while we were gone.

More new books out this week: Deader Still by Anton Strout and Spell Games by T.A. Pratt.

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That con sounds like a lot of fun!

Kitty drinking fountain? Like, does the water do a constant-running-stream sort of thing? Because that sounds like kitty heaven...

Yes, it's called a Drinkwell Pet Fountain. I think Harry would like it better if it was ceramic, but the plastic one was expensive enough.

Ah, yet another reason for me to regret I can't go to Writercon this year. Wah!

Best wishes for Harry. Old and grumpy kitties need extra love and attention. :)

Oh, I'm sorry you can't go!

And thanks from Harry. :)

Then I'll get to see you there. Yay!

Oh cool! It looks like it's going to be a great con.

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