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The Breast Cancer Site Needs Clicks: There's only 15 days left to get enough clicks for a $10,000 donation.

In honor of National Library Week, findingDulcinea spotlights five librarian bloggers who cover a range of important and interesting issues, including children’s media literacy, reviews of e-products for libraries, how librarians can keep their skills up to date and tips for elementary school librarians.

Art link: Raymond Swanland

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Have clicked the BCS link. I have been a bit lax in doing that every day - thank you for reminding me about it. Will post that to my LJ and get people to click.

Yep, I try to remember to click all those sites every day. Making it part of my morning internet wake-up makes it a little easier to remember.

Thanks for the librarian links -- I found a couple new blogs to subscribe to.

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