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You guys are posting some great questions, and I'll definitely get to all of them.

supurnuva had also asked: 2. Is it difficult for you put your characters through bad events or write them doing bad things? Especially if you don't intend for them to have a happy ending later?

Yes, it is. I think if you don't care about your characters it's much harder to get your reader to care about them. If I'm going to kill somebody off, I usually have to psych myself up to it early in the book, so I don't wimp out at the last minute. And yes, it is harder if I know things aren't going to work out in the end.

grammarwoman asked: How did you get involved in writing books in the Stargate universe? Were you a fan first, or did that come after?

I was a fan first. I've been a media fan since around 1983, when The Empire Strikes Back came out and I got my first Star Wars fanzine. I loved the Stargate movie, but didn't get to see any SG-1 until the second season or so, when we were dying of summer TV doldrums and ended up getting Showtime just so we could watch it. Friday night was our big TV night for a while, when SG-1 and Farscape were both on. From seeing the previews, I was really looking forward to Stargate: Atlantis and watched the first season as it aired. After the first season was over, I happened to be talking to rachelcaine (who wrote the SG-1 novel Sacrifice Moon) about SG-1, Firefly, SGA, and our mutual love of other TV shows and she suggested I contact the publisher about doing a novel. I decided to do an SGA book rather than SG-1, since I'd fallen in love with the characters so recently.

I wouldn't be interested in doing a novel for a show I wasn't a huge fan of. Life is too short, and opportunities to write novels are too limited, to write about something I didn't love.

Still taking writing questions here.

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Thanks for your answers! Both were very informative and great fodder for my own writing, such as it is.

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