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Writer Beware has an article on Writer Reality TV Shows. Yeah, I have no idea.

I've added the first Giliead and Ilias story "Reflections" to the stories I have available on Anthology Builder. Anthology Builder allows you to build your own print anthologies from their lists of stories, and is a really interesting site.


belleps asked: How do you approach building a believable world?

I think it does help to do research, to know how real cities work, to know how the people in your setting are getting food, water, the materials they use for their houses, clothing, etc, even how they get rid of their sewage and garbage. If you have a beautiful city in the desert, with no visible natural resources except sand and wind, it helps to know how it manages to survive, and there are some great real world examples you can look at for ideas. Of course, you don't have to tell the reader how everything works unless it's important to the plot or the story. But it will help the setting feel real to you, and if it feels real to you, there's a good chance it will feel real to the reader.

That said, I don't think you have to have every aspect and detail of your world nailed down before you start writing. You can leave room for future development, leave unexplored vistas that you can fill in later when you realize you need them. World-building can be a lot of fun all by itself, but it should always be secondary to the story.

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Let's see a REAL writer reality show. 16 contestants are selected and forced to live on the average salary of a moderately successful midlist author. Think Real World meets Survivor, as they compete to steal food, get winter wear at Goodwill, apply for foodstamps, and attempt to find a cardboard box to live in before the first snowstorm hits. Judging will be done by publishers and marketing directors who will capriciously decide weekly winners without seeing any of the competitions or have any knowledge of who the contestants are.

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