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Dreamhost (or Nightmarehost as the people who are trapped there like to call it) has screwed up email service again, so if you're trying to email me through my address, I'm not going to get it. I don't know when it'll be fixed. Probably never. I've given up on it, personally, and am in the process of emotionally disengaging myself from my email. ETA: it seems to be back for the moment, but we'll see how long that lasts.

On my post about ebooks that are available I forgot to mention:

The Element of Fire is free, totally free, in HTML here and in various formats on

City of Bones is available as a PDF on Lulu here for $1.25.

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Do you have a gmail account? That might work as a backup.

I've got an alternate address through verizon, but the one is the one that a huge number of people have, so I think changing would be a huge hassle. I might have to eventually move my domains if DH keeps having all this downtime.

I use for my website. Very nice folks, very helpful.

Yeah, mine's down too. I'm so tempted to just switch to my gmail address as my main contact - but it gets so much spam! And while it's reliable, it can sometimes get mail to me in minutes, sometimes in hours. When anyroad mail is actually *working*, it works great. But the downtime is getting kind of ridiculous.

Yeah, when DH is actually working, it's great. It's very frustrating that it's my email I use for all my work purposes, and that I'm not sure how reliable it is.

I don't know how much you pay for DH, but I use Powweb and they are pretty good. I don't actually remember a time when I have had downtime in the past 18 months.

I also have my domain with a different company to my hosting, so that it isn't dependant on uptime with my hosting company. You could then sign up to Google's Webmaster Tools...

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