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We went and saw Angels and Demons last night, and really enjoyed it. It was so much better than The Da Vinci Code (which we saw on DVD, and which made me want to simultaneously laugh hysterically and reach through the TV to strangle Dan Brown). Angels and Demons was a good fast-moving suspense thriller; the history part was still all crap, but the story was really good.

I've been reading The Wizard's Daughter by Barbara Michaels/Elizabeth Peters, and it's okay. It was originally published in 1980, and I don't think that's the period when she was doing her best work. The new description and packaging make it look like a historical suspense/mystery, and it's really more of a Victorian romance. Also the tone reminds me of her early Jacqueline Kirby books, where she keeps slipping into this weird combination of snide and twee. (what would you call that? sneed?) Also she keeps breaking the pov to tell the reader how things will be different in modern times, and it's like yeah, I know that. I'm in the modern times. It's Peters, so it'll still be a good story, but I think the next time I pick up one of these I'm going to check for one with a mid-80s or 90s date.

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I wouldn't have given Angels & Demons a chance given how little impression The Da Vinci Code left on me (the movie, I mean, though the book has some similar problems), but if you say it's okay...

"she keeps slipping into this weird combination of snide and twee. (what would you call that? sneed?)"

i'm laughing hysterically because there is or used to be a local gossip columnist named michael sneed--how perfect is that?!

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