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Neil Gaiman's post on entitlement issues: George R.R. Martin Does Not Work For You

Dealing with people with entitlement issues is no fun, whether you're a pro writer, an agent, a publisher, an editor, or someone running a fan web site, or a fan writer being told that she should change fandoms and write to the reader's preference and not her own, a fan artist or pro artist, a web comic creator, a convention committee. It shows up everywhere, and I think it's even more annoying for people who are contributing their time and labor for free.

I also agree with Michelle Sagara's post: Acts of Faith and Entitlement Issues:
So: Buying into the start of a multi-volume* story is an act of faith on the part of a reader. They are trusting me to finish the story.
This is not the same as trusting me to write a sequel to a story that doesn't need it, or trusting me to write a second book with characters they loved when the first book is clearly complete and I have already said there will be no sequel. Those, I think, are separate issues.

It is that act of initial faith -- the buying of the first book -- that allowed me to write the rest of the books in the Sun Sword series. If every reader, feeling burned by authors who have not -- for whatever reason -- finished their multi-volume series, had refused to buy my first novel, a totally partial story, until they had proof that the whole thing would be finished, the rest of the books would never have been published. This is a simple fact.

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Neil Gaiman, ILU!

Every time I hear about some fan directing that kind of bizarre entitlement behavior at an author, it always makes me wonder WTF is wrong with people. I don't care how important a fan feels as someone who has purchase power or read-or-not-read power; that does not make authors their bitches. It just makes them people whose books or stories a fan can choose to not buy or read, which, hey, go ahead, knock yourself out, Ms. Fan. WHATEVER.

I've also seen some really nasty behavior toward volunteer convention committees, too. And then there's this person.

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