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Neil Gaiman's post on entitlement issues: George R.R. Martin Does Not Work For You

Dealing with people with entitlement issues is no fun, whether you're a pro writer, an agent, a publisher, an editor, or someone running a fan web site, or a fan writer being told that she should change fandoms and write to the reader's preference and not her own, a fan artist or pro artist, a web comic creator, a convention committee. It shows up everywhere, and I think it's even more annoying for people who are contributing their time and labor for free.

I also agree with Michelle Sagara's post: Acts of Faith and Entitlement Issues:
So: Buying into the start of a multi-volume* story is an act of faith on the part of a reader. They are trusting me to finish the story.
This is not the same as trusting me to write a sequel to a story that doesn't need it, or trusting me to write a second book with characters they loved when the first book is clearly complete and I have already said there will be no sequel. Those, I think, are separate issues.

It is that act of initial faith -- the buying of the first book -- that allowed me to write the rest of the books in the Sun Sword series. If every reader, feeling burned by authors who have not -- for whatever reason -- finished their multi-volume series, had refused to buy my first novel, a totally partial story, until they had proof that the whole thing would be finished, the rest of the books would never have been published. This is a simple fact.

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