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I have an ulcer, (probably the stress kind as opposed to the bacterial kind), but I think I've caught it pretty early. (Going to Jose's for dinner on Friday and then Casa Rodriguez for breakfast Saturday probably helped expose the problem.) I had one once before several years ago, and it went away after the 14-day Prilosec treatment. But it means that for a while I need to try to cut way back on tea, chocolate, and any foods with chile or chile powder, which are the three mainstays of my diet.

I'm over on Dreamwidth now at marthawells.dreamwidth.org. I'm not crossposting to LJ yet, and actually have no idea what I'm going to with that journal. If I get some more people over there who aren't on here, I'll probably start cross-posting.

Right now I can't figure out what I'm going to have for breakfast.

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I got a stress ulcer early in my grad student days and it finally went away once I left school. Amazingly, work doesn't give me that sort of stress. Identifying the things that are stress producing helps (although they can't always be avoided), but in the case of fave foods, you don't always *want* to avoid them. Good luck at being back to the chocolate & chile diet soon!

Oh, and I'm at DW as exactly who I am here ;-)

Sorry for the ulceration; no fun.

Thanks. It's much better now than it was on Sunday.

Ouch! So sorry about the ulcer and glad you caught it!

Sorry about the ulcer. I've been there. Being from El Paso, giving up Mexican food is about the harshest punishment a doctor can levy....

Thanks. It really makes me realize how much spicy food I normally eat.

I'm so sorry. Take care of yourself no matter how unappealing unspicy food may be.

Thanks. One problem is that I'm really not good at cooking bland foods, because it's not something I normally do.

No tea? Chocolate and chili-related things I could do without, but tea? Mainstay of my diet. Hope this works itself out quickly. :-\

Thanks. :) I can tell the Prilosec is working, so I'm hoping after another week or so I'll be over it.

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