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I found out yesterday that one of my cousins died. He was 59, and was recognized by the Hemophiliac Foundation as being one of the oldest survivors of hemophilia. He was always a very upbeat, happy person despite all the health issues. He married my cousin Nancy when I was about eleven years old, and I remember older relatives telling her not to marry him because the hemophilia meant he wouldn't live long. That was 34 years ago; they had two kids and he had a very successful career as a pharmacist, and was still mentoring pharmacy students after he retired.


I can't remember if I linked to this already or not, but just in case:

From Writer Beware: Articles on Self-Publishing: The Need for Balance

3. Toss out a few random facts about self-publishing (not all of them necessarily relevant--Khatami notes that the self-published author "retains the copyright to his or her book," as if this were not the case with commercial publishing), while ignoring the issue of low sales (the average self-published book sells fewer than 200 copies) and limited distribution (most self-pubbed books are not distributed beyond the Internet).

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Yes, self-publishing is a perfect option for non-fiction and other things that are going to have a small or local audience, or reprints of out-of-print fiction by already established writers. It's the first-time authors who really get cheated, when these places charge thousands of dollars to print the book, and lie about getting it distributed to bookstores and libraries.

As much as we bemoan many of the policies of legitimate publishers, they do provide a very valuable service in that they vett the material for you. You go to any vanity press website and look through their catalog, and the crap ratio is extremely high. I've noticed this problem developing on the Kindle store at Amazon. There seems to be a lot of non-hardcopy stuff being put on there, and it mostly seems to be self-published crap.

I do think that ebook publishers should have a policy of not accepting material that hasn't already been in hardcopy by a legitimate press, unless it's a very specialized non-fiction work such as local histories and stuff like that.

I'm sorry for your loss, and inspired by your cousin's life.

I'm sorry to hear about your cousin, but it's good to hear he stuck it to the experts. :->

Thanks, and yeah, he really did prove them all wrong.

I'm sorry to hear about your cousin. He sounds like a really neat person. *hug*

I'm sorry about your cousin.

It's always quite wonderful when someone can thumb their nose at predictions of doom and despair. There is little point in not living simply because you're going to die. If there was, none of us could prosper.

It really is. And I'm glad he was proof to other people that you can still have a good life despite hemophilia.

Your cousin sounds like a man who will be missed. My condolences to you and your family.

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