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Augh, I wish I could go to DragonCon this year. Augh. Augh.

Anyway, links:

Help the Economy - Sponsor a Writer: Act now: For less than a dollar a day, you could sponsor a struggling author through the HopeWriter Initiative. Think of it. For about the cost of a used paperback at a library rummage sale, you could offer a ray of hope to one of the millions of scribes living in wretched apartments with five roommates or down in the cold, dusty basements of their parents’ houses.

Book Expo America is going on this weekend: Book Expo Bewares: Yes, questionable agents and publishers do exhibit at BEA. I've looked at about half the exhibitor list so far, and have identified five companies about which Writer Beware has received significant complaints. At BEA, as elsewhere, don't take everything at face value.

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Speaking of struggling authors I'd like to support, what's the current status of The Cloud Roads?

It hasn't found a publisher yet.

Wish you could go to D*C this year, too, since this will be my second time there. Perhaps someday I'll actually meet you ;-)

Hope you have a great time! It was so much fun the first time I went, even though we got there late and it was so overwhelmingly huge, it took a while to figure out where everything was.

Oh definitely, that is one reason I'm looking forward to this year since I'm not quite a newbie. Heck, last time it wasn't until the Saturday night that I finally met Sweens and Grace. Maybe next year it will be your turn ;-)

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