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If, like me, you were expecting to get your fix of Kenneth Brannagh as a depressed Swedish cop again tonight but your PBS station is inexplicably showing something else, the Wallander episodes are online on the show's website here. The third episode won't be up until tomorrow, though.

There's also a nice picture of David Tennant, who's taking over as the host for Masterpiece Mystery.

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As much as I love KB, the show is just too bleak for my taste. Who knew that Sweden could be so depressing?

But everything's so clean and pretty! And the police station looks like a really nice hotel.

If the books are that depressing, I'd probably have trouble with them, but the show didn't bother me.

I haven't tried the books yet, but we went ahead and added them to the 'someday' list.

Although, yes, everything is clean ;o)

you've obviously never seen Ingmar Bergman films. Sweden does have a high depression rate because of the long winters. That, and the forced labor making Ikea furniture.


Sadly, you're right. My film literacy is about nil...

EVERY Scandinavian mystery I've read was depressing. Why should Wallender be different?

We gave it a try again last night. It was....well, still bleak, but at least the daughter lived. ;o)

We'll probably watch season 2.

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