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I have to cut back on the bread. A week or so ago, we went out to dinner with friends, and I ate two whole baskets of bread. Thursday, I ate nearly an entire two-foot-long baguette. I didn't mean to eat all of it, it was just suddenly in my tummy. Part of the problem is that I'm working out three times a week in a muscle-building aerobics class that makes me want to eat everything that isn't nailed down.

Link from Bookends, LLC - An Expanded Publishing Dictionary. This is a nice resource; I've noticed over time that there are a lot of terms people tend to confuse, like the difference between an editor and a copyeditor, between an advance and royalties, etc.

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French baguette all buttery crispy numby...just seems to do that.

I think it is a physics thing, you don't actually eat it, it sort of materializes in your mouth due to proximity and before you can spit it out or refuse to swallow, it materializes in your stomach.

The only fail safe is stay out of proximity, but there are evil minions of french bread who sneak up on you at otherwise good restuarants, and voila...bread attack.

Yes, that was it, it was a bread attack!

and spitting it out would be so rude. You are a sacrifice on the altar of good manners!

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