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A link from arcaedia: Allison Kent on reader entitlement: There's No Crying in Reading Apologize? You’re kidding, right? We’re not running bases here. We’re not throwing balls at 92 mph and hoping to hit 98. We don’t bide our time in the minor league, waiting to be called up to the show. From our very first sale, we hit the shelves with the big leaguers, and rushing through books isn’t doing anyone any favors.

Here’s the deal. Baseball players play baseball FOR A LIVING. A huge percentage of authors write PART TIME. That means most of their days are taken up with earning a living wage at a job that provides benefits. Writing time is limited to evenings and weekends, and are authors supposed to forget they have families? Are they supposed to closet themselves away while their spouses take the kids to Little League and soccer and dance recitals? Seriously, would a reader expect that of an author?

DearAuthor has a Weekly Tech Roundup for ebooks.


You should probably realize that you will not be winning the Next Food Network Star competition if you

a) used your dish presentation to talk about your girlfriend to the point where Bobby Flay shouted "Stop! TMI!"
b) explained to the editor of Good Housekeeping Magazine that you have to cook differently for women because they can't eat the same food as men, while she and the judges stare at you with thinly-veiled contempt.
c) already seen Bob Tuschman's "Shut the fuck up" face, and it's only episode 2.
d) made Giada De Laurentiis lunge forward over the judge's table like she could barely supress the urge to strangle you.

They usually get nice people for this, and there's usually a lack of contestant-on-contestant drama, but man, Brett and Teddy are jerks. The episode did try to gloss over it, but I was glad they showed Jamika talking about how patronizing Brett and Teddy were being to Melissa, who was doing considerably better than both of them. Even the whiniest contestants on Top Chef never tried to suggest that helping someone plate = making their dish for them.

I was worried about Katie, but after Brett's little performance during the judging, she would have had to do meth on camera to get sent home before him.

Very glad jerk Brett is gone. Will be interesting to see how quickly jerk Teddy gets nudged toward the door next week. If Eddie can come back from his "Women are from Venus, literally" speech, it'll be amazing.

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I know, right? Because women have different needs and palates? WTF?

My current theory is that Food Network decided the nice, collegial atmosphere was not a ratings draw like bickering and backstabbing, and they either selecting wackier contestants or they're cutting what they have differently.

I don't know, I think the rest of the contestants, besides Teddy and Eddie, are pretty strong, particularly Jamika, Debbie (if she can stop turning into Captain Spaztastic when she has to shop for her group), and Jeffrey. Michael is whacky, but in a fun funky way. I like Katie, but the others are all so much better at presenting than she is. The thing I really hope for Teddy is that he stays around long enough to meet Alton Brown in a cranky mood and get his ass handed to him.

"b) explained to the editor of Good Housekeeping Magazine that you have to cook differently for women because they can't eat the same food as men, while she and the judges stare at you with thinly-veiled contempt. "

Dude. Are you sure this isn't THE FASHION SHOW? The designers are really good at telling the judges that the design problem set wasn't for their kind of woman/their kind of design.

My major gripe about reality shows is the DO YOU EVEN WATCH THIS SHOW??? problem -- viz. people show up on THE AMAZING RACE unable to swim and terrified of heights, people show up on THE FASHION SHOW and PROJECT RUNWAY unable to sew, and unable to create under pressure, ...

The Fashion Show is a train wreck. All I can do is think how much I'd rather be watching Project Runway.

It suffers from a complete absence of Tim. Without Tim, there is no goodness.

Yes, I miss Tim a lot. I'm also getting really tired of all their subtle little digs about how The Fashion Show is about real fashion as opposed to That Other Show, when Project Runway has Michael Kors and Nina Garcia, and The Fashion Show has...that guy, what's his face.

Well, I do know Isaac Mizrahi, but I have no idea what purpose the woman serves.

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