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New speculative fiction magazine: Icarus from Lethe Press. Icarus is the first magazine devoted to gay-themed speculative fiction and writing - from fantasy to horror to science fiction, and all the weird tales that fall between the cracks.

If it doesn't rain here soon, I think we're all going to die. This is like the fifth or sixth day it's been in the 99-100 range. If this is June, I hate to think what August is going to be like.

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I've been looking at our 15 day forecast, and it runs something like 100,100,101,101,100 for the next few days. Uck. Not looking forward to it at all!

I weep thinking about the summer ahead. I fear it's going to be as rough as 2000.

We've had those temps since last Friday, too. We got a little rain one night, but mostly it's just disgustingly humid and sunny and HOT.

If it doesn't rain here soon, I think we're all going to die.


Thank you for the link to Icarus! I've mentioned it in my LJ. I need a subscription like, now.

Ooof. If it doesn't stop raining here, we're all going to become moss-monsters.

And, happy S/F-F Writers' Day. Your Death of Necromancer continues to inspire me!

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