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The FACT auction benefit writer Aaron Allston will be July 19th: Aaron Allston Fundraiser and Auction
Austin, TX -- A fundraiser and auction to benefit the Aaron Allston Donation Fund will be held on Sunday, July 19, from 1-5 p.m. at Arbor A in San Gabriel Park, 445 E. Morrow, Georgetown, TX. The Aaron Allston Donation Fund is a medical fund established by his friends to help Mr. Allston, an internationally known science fiction writer and author of several Star Wars novels, with large medical expenses recently incurred as a result of emergency bypass surgery. Mr. Allston is a long-time resident of Central Texas.

I sent some autographed books in for it but I can't remember which ones.


Some good news for Galveston:

Delegates vote to keep all Shriners' hospitals open: Separately, the delegates voted 756-482 to reopen the Shriners Hospital for Children-Galveston. The burn hospital has been closed since Hurricane Ike hit in September.

Wetlands Rescue: The money for West Galveston Bay will be used to rebuild 328 acres of marshes with dredged sand...
The intertidal wetlands are critical because they act as nature’s speed bumps against wind and waves. They also serve as a productive nursery for a variety of sea life, including white and brown shrimp, blue crab and red drum.


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