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I think I might be trying to get sick; either that, or the heat is slowly killing me. I had a lot of trouble in aerobics class today, and wasn't able to do things I just did last week and Monday.

In order to make up for the delicious bacon cornmeal spoonbread I made yesterday, we're having a more healthy dinner tonight. Seared tuna and sauteed spinach and bread. A small amount of bread. Not the whole baguette.


United Breaks Guitars: the story and the You Tube Video.

Top Chef Masters is on tonight, yay!

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The heat is really's hoping that's all it is!

Thanks. We had a day where it was down to 92 and it was such a huge relief.

We had a couple of those too....wish it had been more!

That video got a whole segment in CNN today. Ha!

What's spoonbread?

Being sick in the summer sucks so much. I hope you dodge it.

The FOOD. Bacon cornmeal spoonbread. Seared tuna. *drools* I suddenly feel like cooking now.

Thanks, I feel better today. I think it might be allergy problems.

Hope you feel better.

And would you be willing to share your recipe for "Delicious bacon cornmeal spoonbread?"



It's a Food Network recipe, this one. It was pretty easy to make, and I used sweet onion instead of scallions, because I didn't have any and it was too hot to go to the grocery store.

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