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New Short Story

I've posted a new fantasy short story to my web site here: The Forest Boy It's never been published anywhere before.

And this is a new thing I'm feeling awkward about, but I put a Paypal tip jar at the bottom of the page. Because it would be nice to have a little money coming in, which I could squander on our huge utility bills.

If this works out, I may try to do some more direct-to-the-site stories, though you may have noticed I'm not a prolific short story writer.

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It is awkward, isn't it, even though being paid for writing is a normal thing? I'm about to put my (long out-of-print) novel up for download with a donation button and I'm agonising over the wording...

Is that "A Matter of Oaths"?

Yeah, it's weird how uncomfortable it is, even though you pay for magazines, books, ebooks etc and never think twice about it.

Yes, it's a Matter of Oaths. It should be going live this weekend, when I've got the last web-bugs ironed out.

Cool. Drop me a comment with the link when it goes live, and I'll post a note about it here.

Many thanks -- it's at
And I loved the story and am looking forward to more.

Thanks! :)

I'll put it in my next post, probably tomorrow morning.

Moon backstory! Yay! Loved it.

Loved it--donated, too.

I understand how it might feel weird to ask directly, but, please, by all means ask, if it'll mean that there are more stories.

(Deleted comment)
I might eventually have to try that, but I don't know if the response would be worth it. Usually the writers who have done that have all been a lot more well-known than me, and the news about the book gets picked up by a lot of high-traffic blogs.

Oh, more, please!

(Will be donating shortly; I definitely need to sort out my mental book fund to include e-funded projects...)

Um... I don't actually like paypal very much. Yet I've obtained several of your books second-hand, which means that I haven't paid you for your amazing books. Is it possible to write to you via your publisher's? Would they send a letter on to you?

The publishers would probably take a long time, but there's a mailing address for me in the contact info here.

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