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Trip to Calvert

Yesterday the temperature dropped to nearly 97 degrees, so we decided to actually do something outside. With a couple of friends we drove up to Calvert, a little town to the north of here, with a Victorian main street and a lot of old houses. Calvert is very small, very poor, and a lot of it looks mostly the same as how it looked in the 1901. We ate lunch at Cocoa Moda, had wonderful chocolate, and then looked at little stores with stuff we couldn't afford.

We took a few pictures of some of the houses, though there were lots to choose from. Unlike a lot of surviving old houses, a bunch of these still had their big lots and some of their outbuildings. These are Victorians, though there were a lot of Federal style houses and at least one New Orleans style:

It was a really good day. Then I got sick last night, either from being a little too dehydrated or just my weird food allergy, but I'm better now.

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Amazing houses, particularly those first two; it's hard to imagine the optimism (among other things) that built them.

It's especially weird to see them in context. Most of the streets aren't paved, the street signs are rusting away, and here are all of these gorgeous houses that probably wouldn't have survived except for the fact that the town is so poor and no one wanted the land they were on.

Nice houses. I could fantasize myself living in the first one.

The first one was awesome. In the back was a large shady garden and lots of trees, and it still had one matching outbuilding being used as a garage.

I think I was there once, when we lived in Plano. I'd ask if it has an old-fashioned town square except all of those old towns have one.

This one actually doesn't have a town square. I think the castle house was originally the town hall, but it has a large park-like lot around it, but no square.

Very neat houses, although I find myself imagining those attic rooms in this heat with no AC. Yikes!

A lot of them had huge windows under the big first floor porches for ventilation. I bet for a lot of the summer they just didn't go upstairs until evening when it started to cool off.

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