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The auction for writer Aaron Allston's medical expenses is today. You can also donate by check and paypal.

Charles Saunders has posted an older short story, "Luendi," in the Blog section of his web site. Bill Ward's review on the Black Gate Blog: ‘Luendi’ gives us not a fantasy Africa, but an Africa of the fantastic — one in which the mysteries beyond the light of the campfire are real, and the kind of just retribution found in folk stories is transposed to a time and place that sorely needed it.

Mark Finn decorated the Vernon Plaza Theater as Hogwarts for the premiere of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, and posted photos.

eldritchhobbit is one of the guests on The Sofanauts Podcast!

ahmedakhan has posted the table of contents for upcoming anthology Cheer Up, Universe.


Conventions coming up:

WriterCon 2009 July 31-August 2, in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

ArmadilloCon 31, August 14-16, in Austin, Texas.

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