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Missions Unknown has an interview with my friend, writer Jayme Blaschke. And a great photo of him in his Green Arrow outfit.

And there's a call for submissions for this Superhero Poetry Anthology.

I am not at ComicCon, and other people are, and I hate all of them.

ETA: rachelcaine is awesome, and here is her awesome post about her take on the health care debate.

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I used to know Jayme Blashke as one of the clerks at Uncle Hugo's sf bookstore in Minneapolis.

We were in the same SF/F club in college, though he was a few years after me.

If I recall correctly, he went to Bard College for at least part of his college education. Were you at Bard?

I would have been Class of 1964, if I'd graduated.

Maybe it's a different Jayme Blashke? We went to Texas A&M University -- I was class of 1986.

Indeed, must be a different one. I don't know how the one I've met spells his name....

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